Robotized Washing Plant

Robotized Washing Plant

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For the washing of components  of different sizes, such as motors, stators, rotors, power patch, fans, gears, pantographs, isolators etc.

It consists of standard  washing cabins of carbon steel, where the components, loaded on a pallet, are washed by an anthropomorphic Robot, able to reach every part of the component even the holes and cavities.

Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of this system new cabins can be easily added with the possibility to wash new types of components with their own washing program at the same time.

Moreover the components can be loaded manually or automatically, through an automatic guided vehicle (AGV), connected to the control system by wifi.

This washing solution is an efficient system that allows to have a better control on consumptions of the water and the cleaning product, through the use of the Robot  and an easier maintenance due to the remote washing plant management.