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Raimondi impianti - Sito versione italiana. Lavaggio industriale - Sistemi e impianti di lavaggio e pulizia per treni, tram, autobus, metro e camion Raimondi Srl english version. Wash plant for trains - Train Washing system, washing tram, bogie, metro, bus, and public transport servicesLavage ferroviaire - Lavage bogie - Lavage au défilé - Machines a laverEspañol - Instalaciones y máquinas para el lavado de trenes, tranvias, metros - Puentes de lavado para trenes
External coach washing plantsimpianti e sistemi di lavaggio treni, tram, metro, bus, camion, autobusimpianto lavaggio automatico click here to open the detail

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The external washing plants by RAIMONDI S.r.l. are an innovative washing system, able to answer specific technical requests efficiently.
They are characterized by a high level of automation and by the possibility to shape different washing positions in a personalized lay-out so as to solve any special request and to satisfy any space and washing necessity.
A management computerized control system assures the functioning of the plant and promptly solves any eventual fault.
Constant reliability is another distinctive feature of these plants.

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This plant is used for the washing of trains, metro trains and tram coaches at low speed.
There are prewetting and detergent spray stands, vertical brush washing stands, lateral surfaces low sides washing stands and softening and/or osmotized water rinsing stands positioned on a concrete bed platform.
All operations are checked by a panel control board and by a photoelectric cell system which controls the advancement of the train during the washing operations.
A computerized control system, tanks and pumps are installed in a specific technical room which can be supplied in an equipped container.
The plant can also be equipped with a high pressure rotating nozzle-stand for under-chassis washing with a specific technical room.


- Front and rear washing system with two independent brushes able to shift horizontally and vertically following the form of the coach.
- Bi-directional operation.





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