• Train Washing

    To wash the external part of trains, tramways and metros

  • Bogies and Wheels washing

    To wash train, tram and metro bogies and wheelsets, as well as loose pieces put on service trolley

  • Components Washing

    To wash the detached pieces coming from the maintenance on trains, tramways and metros

  • Robotized Washing

    For the washing of components of different sizes, such as motors, stators, rotors etc.

and experience

Solutions for any washing need of trains, metro and urban transport as well as of their components.

Personalized lay out and special washing plants aimed at satisfying any customer's demand.

Raimondi S.r.l. is a well-known company in the field of industrial washing plants with over 160 installations in Italy and all over the world.

Our aim is: understanding the customers’ request so as to offer the best technological solution, reliable in time, respectful of the environment and energy saving.